Direct Mail
Direct Mail Works
ADS has been a leader in automotive direct mail for over a decade. Our direct mail division is versatile, and we work with our clients to create a direct marketing strategy that will deliver measurable returns on investment. Whether you want a big event to flood your showroom with traffic or a hyper-targeted multi-channel marketing campaign that will continue to pay dividends month over month, we’ve got you covered.
Tried and True

In the car business, more traffic means more sales. At ADS, we’re experts at flooding your showroom with floor traffic. We will work with you to develop a strategy to saturate your market with your brand and also deliver high volumes of floor traffic to your store. Not only will we drive the traffic, but more importantly, we’ll ensure your team is prepared for the influx by conducting a pre-sale training call to go over best-practices and conversion techniques.

We use unique combinations of incentives, campaign designs, hooks and our experience, which surpasses 10 years and a half billion pieces of saturation mail, to deliver a winning campaign that will drive traffic to your store, guaranteed!

Multi Channel Campaigns
Send the right message to the right buyer at the right time

We use a plethora of marketing channels to integrate a multi-channel campaign that will drive qualified buyers to your store. From inbox to mailbox, we will build unique campaign segments and deliver the appropriate message to the right customer at the right time.

Our multi-channel campaigns include virtually every type of marketing service to utilize frequency in order to convert prospect to paid customers. Direct mail, email marketing, social media, outbound phone calls, landing pages and even dynamic retargeting–let’s build a highly integrated multi-channel campaign to help you exceed your sales goals.

There’s gold in those hills
There’s no more powerful marketing list than your list of paid customers. Whether you want a single direct mail promotion to target your in-equity customers, or you want to work with an organization to create a recurring marketing strategy and data hygiene approach, we have a wide range of database marketing campaigns and data-segmenting technology to fill all of your database marketing needs.
Special Finance
The Sub-Prime Bubble Has Busted
This market segment has been of the fastest growing segments for the past decade, and with recent realization from sub-prime lenders of their portfolio performance, now more than ever is the time to aggressively market sub-prime buyers. We have a host of time-tested and results driven sub-prime marketing campaigns to get credit challenged customers to your dealership.
The “A” in ADS stands for AWESOME! Once again we had a very successful mailer with ADS. Your company delivers the WOW factor in people, product, service and results. ADS is a true 10 in my book!