Data & Analytics
Conversion Optimization Analysis

90% of dealer websites are terrible. There. We said it.

Your website might actually be preventing customers from following through with a sale. Your competitors might be in that 10% – meaning, your website could literally be giving the competition YOUR car sales.

We’d be happy to take a look at your website and give you some ideas as to how COA could be right for your dealership. In the meantime, take a look at some of these results:

  • 20% increases in VDPs viewed from month to month
  • Increased average time on site and individual page views
  • Clearer calls-to-action which increase page leads
Just one discussion with us will give you an idea of how your dealership’s website is performing in relation to sales. Let us work with your web provider to get you the conversions you deserve! Click on the button below to get more information and a free consultation!
Data Management & Analysis

Are your vendors telling you the TRUE story of where your money’s going? Sure, it benefits them month to month to tell you they’re making you cash – but we all know they can be a little generous with their reported ROI numbers. So what’s true and what’s not?

With our TrustView Analytics program, ADS takes stock of all your data resources to give you a true picture that shows whether or not your vendors are selling cars.

  • 100% of our clients have found at least one vendor who isn’t performing up to par.
  • Additionally, 100% of our Trustview clients find one vendor they should be giving more money to.
  • We develop an intensive, data-driven model unique to your dealership that tells the story of your spend from top to bottom.
With a simple monthly audit of your resources, we can streamline your spending process to ensure you’re coming out in the green every time. Click on the button below to get more information and a free consultation!